Cottage style wooden pool houses

The most luxurious way to enjoy your outdoor swimming pool is to add the finishing touch of a traditional oak pool house. A cottage pool house offers space for deck chairs, a jacuzzi or a spa. You may even decide to add an outdoor hearth for even more warmth and atmosphere in your traditional pool house.

Custom built oak pool houses

At Livinlodge, we work closely with renowned architects and construct our buildings ourselves, which means that we can produce fully customised oak pool houses. From the design to the layout and finish, the possibilities are endless. Our experienced team of professionals guarantees that the installation of cottage pool houses is faultless.

A custom built pool house in timber makes the perfect guest wing, garden office or garden room. Our luxurious timber-framed buildings are also ideal for granny flats. What's more, we can seamlessly integrate a garden building, a canopy or wooden shutters into your oak pool house, with each element flowing harmoniously into the others as an integral part of the pool house. This ensures that the outbuilding is always a tranquil spot in your rustic garden.

We would be delighted to tell you more about the possibilities of our oak pool houses. Please do not hesitate to request more information or a personalised quote!

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