About Livinlodge

Wood specialist Carpentier is proud to present Livinlodge, an exclusive brand of wooden gates, adjustable wooden louvers and timber-framed buildings, especially pool houses, carports, garden sheds, conservatories, verandas, garden offices and pergolas. Carpentier Hardwood Solutions is a family business that has 70 years of experience in the wood industry. Our technical expertise and close cooperation with renowned architects and product developers are reflected in our stylish and environmentally-friendly wooden outbuildings, wooden gates, fences and shutters.

Our methods

Livinlodge products are designed entirely according to the customer’s wishes. We monitor the process closely, from design through to delivery and installation. It is important to us that our expertise enables us to create a product of outstanding quality for you.

How do we operate?

Together we take a look at how we can ensure the project of your dreams fulfils all the functions and has all the fittings you require. How do we add your personal touch to the project and its completion so that the outcome will be 100% fit for purpose? Our many years of experience and our knowledge of wood and wooden structures, combined with the expertise of product designers and architects, are exactly what you need to ensure the project is right for you and that the finished product is one of quality.

Timber-framed buildings according to the customer’s design

Do you already have a customised design you yourself or your architect have prepared? Drawing on our 70 years of technical expertise, we can offer you valuable advice on how to distribute and use the wood. We will prepare a quote for you and won’t start sawing or manufacturing the wood until you give us final approval. The timber is carefully selected from the most ecologically responsible sources. Our PEFC quality label also guarantees the production process is environmentally-friendly from start to finish. Furthermore, we use innovative techniques in order to deliver a construction of the highest quality. Once all the different parts of the wooden outbuilding have been finished, a team of experts will install it in situ.

Do you have any questions regarding Livinlodge products or would you like to show us your own design? Do not hesitate to contact us!

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The 5 unique selling points of Livinlodge

1. Design

Livinlodge works in close cooperation with leading architects and garden architects. We use the same ecologically responsible varieties of wood for our wooden gates and outbuildings. Thanks to their unique designs, all of them are real eye-catchers.

2. Experience

You can benefit from our 70 years of experience in the wood industry. Our experience and our technical knowledge enable us to offer you the best advice when it comes to choosing types of wood, applications and wooden constructions.

3. Long-lasting and environmentally-friendly

Carpentier only works with environmentally-friendly alternatives to exotic hardwoods. These include oak, thermos ash, thermos pine and barnwood. We are PEFC/FSC certified and our entire corporate philosophy revolves around respect for the environment and sustainable business practices. For example, we use wood waste to fuel our wood drying chambers and we opt for environmentally-friendly manufacturing processes. Our concern for the environment is evident in the way we design our products. For example, our modern wooden carport can be fitted with solar panels and charging points for electric cars or bicycles.

4. Vertical integration

Carpentier has been a wood specialist for three generations now. Thanks to our vertical integration (we have our sawmill, drying chambers and machinery) Carpentier manages the entire wood process in-house from log to finished wooden product.

5. Fast delivery terms

As Carpentier produces Livinlodge products 100% in-house, it is able to guarantee fast delivery terms.